Press conference introducing the SNX in Turkiye
By Infront Moto Racing | 03 Jan 2023

MONACO (Principality of Monaco) 3 January 2023 – The introductory press conference of the FIM Snowcross World Championship, held for the first time in Turkiye, has been recently held in Istanbul with the participation of Kayseri Governor Gökmen ÇİÇEK

The 1st Snowcross World Championship in Türkiye is to be held in Kayseri - Mount Erciyes on the 11-12 March 2023, under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye.

During the press conference several representants spoke in turns. Going first was the Kayseri Governor Çiçek who emphasised that Erciyes is Türkiye's longest ski slopes and the flagship of tourism and followed:

“Extreme sports attract a lot of attention in the world. The Snowcross World Championship will contribute greatly to the promotion of Erciyes. It will be a new milestone for Erciyes. We are excited, we will host the world's best riders by broadcasting Erciyes on world television.”

Kayseri Mayor Büyükkilic expressed that the city of Kayseri, thanks to hosting the World Snowcross Championship, will become more internationally known as a tourism hub.

Erciyes Inc. Board of Directors Chair Murat Cahit Cingi voiced that many firsts have been achieved in Turkiye from snow volleyball to snowboarding in Erciyes, but the FIM Snowcross World Championship is an organisation, sport and social event that will resonate around the world,

TMF President Bekir Yunus UÇAR went on to say that the Snowcross World Championship will reach 1.2 billion social media users and more than 300 million television viewers, contributing to Türkiye's foreign and sports tourism in March.

The Snowcross World Championship in Turkiye promised to be very exciting as it will be held during the Erciyes WinterFest on the 10-12 March, which will provide entertainments for 3 days including giant concerts, snow games and other activities.


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